Spring Startup

Start The Season Off Right With  Marc Dutton Irrigation

The Spring Start-Up Includes:

  • Introduction of water to the main system
  • Inspection of main line, heads, and valves
  • Inspection of weather sensors
  • Ensure proper zone operation
  • Reprogram of controller for automatic watering

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Activating Your Sprinkler System

Tuning up your irrigation system for the summer season is important. Improperly maintained sprinkler systems can cause problems down the road and can be more expensive to repair in the middle of the busy irrigation season. Here are some tips for starting up your sprinkler system this season.

Make Sure Spring is Really Here

Weather (especially in Michigan) can be deceiving. Sometimes it can appear that we have made the transition to spring when in fact there are more cold days on the way. Soil underneath your landscaping is the last thing to thaw out even though everything up top looks summer-like. Take a shovel and make sure the ground is free from any frost at least 12 inches below the surface. If things are still frozen wait a little while before de-winterizing your system.

Control Check

Go through your timer and other controls to make sure they are working right. Replace your backup battery and ensure your settings work well with your current landscape watering needs. Improperly optimized controls can waste water and negatively impact your landscaping.

Clear The Way

Go through your property and check your sprinkler heads for obstructions. Look for rocks, dirt, sand and other debris that may have been moved around during the winter months. You will want to replace any worn or damaged components. Also makes sure that sprinkler heads have not become buried.

No Pressure

High-pressure surges (known as a water hammer) can happen when irrigation systems are first activated after being dormant. This can cause pipe lines to burst (a time consuming and expensive problem to fix). When you first turn on your main water valve, make sure it is at a safe operating range for sprinkler systems and that you turn it on slowly to avoid spikes in pressure.