Corporate and industrial

  • Corporate headquarters and campuses
  • Retail shopping centers and plazas
  • Office building and office parks
  • Schools: elementary and secondary
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Manufacturing plants and distribution centers
  • Campuses: college and university
  • Municipal: streetscapes, boulevards, parks
  • Sports fields: Major league baseball (Comerica Park), football, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis
  • Cemetaries and memorial gardens
  • Zoos and arboretums

Our portfolio

With the largest portfolio of work and commercial clientele in the area, we’ve developed specialized competencies that enable us to tackle complex and unusual installations including:

  • Green roofs (roof-top irrigation systems)
  • Centrally-controlled irrigation systems (multi-site, multi-location)
  • Cooling systems for synthetic turf fields
  • Subsurface drip irrigation
  • Large scale irrigation retrofits
  • Custom pump stations up to
  • Touch screen computerized monitoring
  • Fusion welded pipe systems
  • Horizontal well drilling

Landscaping Services >

Our commercial team works hand in hand with landscape contractors.

Specific Systems >

We have a diverse portfolio of specialty irrigation systems work.

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